About Us

Virginia Building Services, Inc. (VBS) is a Virginia Beach, VA based building maintenance organization committed to providing commercial cleaning, building maintenance and restoration services of superior quality at an affordable cost.


Our Management Team

Mr. Nate Rubin, Owner and President. Mr. Rubin has over thirty years of active experience within the building maintenance industry. After years of developing building maintenance and commercial cleaning programs for property owners and managers in the Washington, D.C. area, Mr. Rubin saw a need for a quality, professionally managed building maintenance company in the Tidewater area. Through continuous and active involvement with the company, Mr. Rubin has forever branded Virginia Building Services, Inc. with the extremely high standards for quality, cost effectiveness and service. These concepts establish the building blocks and direction for the entire organization.

Mr. Mike Rubin, Operations Manager. Mr. Rubin brings many years of experience within the commercial and governmental building maintenance markets. Mr. Rubin provides the support and oversight necessary for successful contract performance, whether it is a one-time special cleaning request or the day to day management of a corporate headquarters facility. Mr. Rubin works closely with Area Managers, Project Managers, and Building Supervisors to ensure that we perform the contract to our standards, within budget and schedule restraints.

Building Maintenance Operations Manager. Brings over twenty years of hands on experience within the building maintenance and engineering services to VBS. Develops and implements all engineering and building maintenance programs working closely with the client to address all their building maintenance needs. Oversees a maintenance staff that is trained in up to date and cutting edge maintenance and engineering techniques, ensuring that our clients receive the exact services specified within our maintenance agreement.

Mr. Bram Zanoni, Landscaping Manager. Mr. Zanoni brings years of hands on experience in commercial landscaping to VBS. Mr. Zanoni develops and implements all service programs working closely with our clients to address all their landscaping needs.

Office: (757) 605-0288
Fax: (757) 605-0263
P.O. Box 68474
Virginia Beach, VA 23471

"VBS is always there when I need them most. Their attention to detail and understanding of our client's needs have helped us to improve services and control costs."
- Mike Marcialis
Senior Property Manager
Advantis Real Estate